Dreamweight Blankets FAQ

Why is a weighted blanket used for therapy?
Weighted blankets were originally made for those who experience sensory overload and restlessness or chronic stress, which result in depression, irregular sleeping patterns, and poor attention spans. Weighted therapy is known to provide a calming effect from deep touch pressure, which refers to a form of sensory input, often provided by firm stroking, cuddling, hugging and squeezing. 

How do you clean a Dreamweight Blanket?
Machine wash and dry. We recommend a cool wash and dry, which will preserve the life of the fabric. 

Why 15 pounds?
Occupational therapists recommend approximately 10% of one's body weight. We have found that many people find 20 pounds too heavy and difficult to handle, as well as being hard on your home washer and dryer.

Is a Dreamweight Blanket hot?
If you run hot at night, we recommend our Cool Cotton blankets. Try exposing your hands and feet or just covering your chest and arms. You don't have to be completely covered to feel the effects of a weighted blanket. We also offer a cool cotton side on our plush minky blankets. 

What if I'm claustrophobic?
Many people who experience claustrophobia also have anxiety. We recommend using your Dreamweight Blanket over one shoulder, until you get used to the feeling, then cover up more as you become more comfortable.

Will a Dreamweight Blanket help me sleep?
Deep touch pressure and proprioceptive input can cause a release of the hormones serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help relax and calm. Many people report deep and restful sleep and a sense of overall well-being after using a weighted blanket.

Can I travel with my Dreamweight Blanket?
Yes! And believe me, you'll want to. Your blanket will easily fit in a suitcase, sports bag or garment bag.