How To Buy The Perfect Weighted Blanket


When it comes to weighted blankets, there are some things you should know before buying one. Bigger isn't better! With every inch of size, the weight of the blanket and its effect decreases significantly. If you have a 20 pound king or queen size blanket the actual weight on your body may be as little as 5-7 pounds, with the rest of the weight spread out, unused on the bed.

Most home washing machines load capacity is 20 pounds. An oversized blanket may overheat or overwork your washer. If you want to wash your blanket at home, it's best to stick to 15 pounds.

Any blanket with an outside cover and inside blanket is hot and cumbersome! Can you imagine placing and tying a 15-20 pound blanket inside a duvet cover?  If the outer cover is permanently removed (which in most cases will be), you will have wasted your money!

Oversized blankets are not easily portable from bed to couch, and definitely too big for travel. Once you are addicted to your blanket, you'll want to take it with you.

Large, king or queen size blankets draped over a whole bed will not hug or conform to your body. This is the SECRET to deep touch pressure and the release of feel-good hormones (serotonin and dopamine) to help the body relax and calm. The conforming fit around your body is where the real comfort comes from!

The inside of a weighted blanket can vary from food type fillers like flax seeds or rice, to recycled, toxic smelling beads or noisy shifting BB-size poly pellets that feel cold and lumpy. Thin cotton fabrics or scratchy thick fabrics, (some with zippers) are often used. If you are sensory sensitive to touch, smells, and sounds, buyer beware of how your blanket is made!

Sensory-friendly weighted blankets for adults.

Buy a personal sized weighted blanket without too much length or width. Try using it  next to your body, not on top of the covers. Many people experience temperature changes at night. This is an easy way to adjust the blanket to stay cool, such as pulling the blanket up to expose feet, without feeling trapped under all of your covers.

Weighted blankets feel very different initially and can take some time to get used to. Try laying next to your blanket at first. Just put it in your bed. Next, take a small corner and lay it across your shoulder. Slowly use more of your blanket until you feel more used to the the weight.. Before long, you will crave the weight and comfort of your blanket..


~Owner/Founder Dreamweight Blankets

 Ana Vincent 



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