Our Story

Ana Vincent, Founder and Creator of the Dreamweight Weighted Blanket         Ana Vincent, owner and founder of Dreamweight Blankets.

I've been a registered nurse for 24 years and work in Nashville, Tennessee. Working with special needs teachers and therapists has taught me volumes about sensory issues and the result of deep touch pressure (DTP) to calm an over-stimulated student. It was in the real-life setting that I was introduced to the simple and amazing effectiveness of weighted blankets. They worked!

I first purchased a weighted blanket for a gift. Being a somewhat troubled sleeper and lifelong blankie girl myself, I also purchased my own adult version, but in all cases, I was disappointed in the lack of quality and poor design. In some, big plastic beads shifted noisily through thin fabric like a bean bag and in others, the oversized blanket distributed too much of the desired weight elsewhere. Also, the zippered and removable cover was hot, bulky, and difficult to wrestle with at laundry time. In short, my new blanket had all the weight I wanted, but none of the comforts or convenience that I truly needed.

So, I designed one myself that addressed other blankets design shortcomings. I needed a weighted blanket that was comfortable enough to use every night. I was desperate for a good nights sleep! After spending only one night with my first prototype, I knew I had designed a smart and practical, user friendly, incredibly cormfortable weighted blanket.



Family and friends were soon requesting their own blankets and urging me to go public with my design. Before long I had a new business, a website and a manufacture to help me carry out my dream of helping people who suffer with anxiety/depression/insonmia. Thus, Dreamweight Blankets® was born. It is my sincere wish that everyone will enjoy and benefit from these blankets as much as I have.

Say hello to Dreamweight®, the most comfortable weighted blanket on Earth…or your money back.